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Comments from Viewers

 Gunilla   Lönnbring, Sweden

I have seen the dvd several times. It is so breathtaking. 

 I am so impressed of all these wise women - professionals and mothers. 

 And these stories about giving birth in the context of the earthquake disaster,  which gave hope and dreams. 

And this discussion about technology and medication instead of having the ownership of pregnacy and birth is very interesting. 

It is also a very beautiful and important film with voices not very often heard. 

These wonderful midwifes. 

This film gave me thoughts about birthgiving as a mirror of the society,

 as an existentiell act and both something very natural and magic in the border between life and death. 

And even baby horses in the restricted area gave hope!

Thank you so much for letting me take part of the film. I love it!!!!

Wulf Schiefenhoevel, Germany

 I have watched it and find it very good, very moving. Japanese people have such an impressive way to say important things an a poetic way. I wish that your documentation will have success in and outside Japan. 

I have recently given a plenary speech at a big obstetrical congress (in Mannheim, more than 2,000 participants). 

It was a success. I so much hope that we will be able, in central Europe and the other advanced countries, to give birth back to the women and to nature. Fashions are very powerful, and they play a role also in fields which we believe are governed by scientific data and their evaluation. There are some signs that doctors here in Germany join the fight against the so far ever rising rate of caesarean sections. 


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